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Yacht Sentinel® YS-3 and Watchdog®

The Ultimate Monitoring Systems

Know what your vessel’s systems are doing with wireless monitoring. Visit your vessel online & find status of systems monitored anytime. Keep an electronic eye on key functions of your vessel like current status, event history, geofence parameters and choose what you want monitored.

How It Works – Yacht Sentinel YS-3

Yacht Sentinel®

Your Virtual Crew Member

Check on your vessel via two way texting. Key functions such as hi water, motion detection and hatch entry can be reviewed. Even monitor hi/lo temperature range. With the Yacht Sentinel® iPhone app, settings and functions are as easy as the push of a button.

Benefits of the Yacht Sentinel YS-3


Vessel Status

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Hatch High Water Battery Smoke Motion

Sentinel Point®

Do You Know Where Your Boat Is?

With the Sentinel Point™ installed you know the location of your vessel as well as battery state, and COG and SOG, and tracking.

Sentinel Point With Built-in GPS