The History of Yacht Watchman

Yacht Watchman was developed by boaters for boaters. Our products have been tried and tested on boat owners as well as our own vessels for nearly ten years and have been designed specifically for the marine industry. What do people say about our products? “They work!” Our products are designed to receive and report real time information to the owner or captain all day, any time.

Our first products were designed with you, the boater, as our primary focus. Located in Stuart, Florida, our initial focus was on vessels 40-65 feet in length utilizing our YWI Yacht Sentinel® YS-3 and YWI Yacht Sentinel® WATCHDOG.. Realizing that all boats need a monitoring system, we teamed up with Intelligent Devices of Great Britain to introduce and develop the Yacht Sentinel® and Sentinel Point® to the North American and Caribbean market.

Yacht Watchman has received six United States patents, and we are currently developing new and exciting products for high value asset management. In addition, YWI has received awards for innovation in wireless technology in the M to M space.