Yacht Watchman Testimonials

Here is what our customers/dealers and partners have to say about us:

“As captain of a large sport fisherman, I know the importance of knowing the status of key systems, even when I leave the boat at the dock for a few days or a few hours.  With the Yacht Sentinel YS3 system, I can stay informed about the condition of the vessel.  The convenience and peace of mind this affords me is wonderful.”
Captain John, FL

“Any day, any time, I can check my boats location and systems with the YS3 and feel secure knowing everything is functioning.”
Owner, FL

“An outstanding and innovative product.  Performs just as promised.  Far exceeds expectations.”
Chief Engineer, FL

“We recommend Yacht Watchman systems to all our customers. Having installed many of their systems, we can attest to their dependability and ability to offer timely communication of system alerts. Very impressive and well developed products!”
General Manager, Marine Electric and Electronics, FL

And from Chris Glasow, CEO of Intelligent Devices: "We have found that Yacht Watchman International is the perfect partner for Intelligent Devices Limited of the UK, for the North American Market. Yacht Watchman has excellent high end complimentary products to match IDLs competitively priced Yacht Sentinel and Sentinel Point. Both companies share the same ethos in that each company has developed products based on our own boat owning experiences."

Chris Glasow, CEO of IDL stated that, "With the excellent knowledge and experience of the US marine market that Yacht Watchman brings to the partnership and the scalability of our combined product range, I am confident that together Yacht Watchman and IDL will become a major player in the marine remote monitoring sector."

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