Sentinel Point

Suitable For:

  • Outboards
  • Personal WC
  • Runabouts

Features include

  • Status reports at any time:  SOG, COG and battery.
  • Back up battery if power is interrupted from vessel system
  • Can be used on PWC
  • In addition to these functions you can turn on TRACKING with lat/long SOG and COG being sent directly to your mobile.

Alarms include:

  • Disconnected alarm – if your outboard is disconnected from its battery.
  • Battery alarm – if the battery discharges.
  • Moveout alarm – if your outboard is moved from its geo-fenced area.

Sentinel Point™ – Outboard Alarm System

The intelligent way to remotely monitor your outboard motor.

The Sentinel Point™ outboard alarm system is the smart way to protect your outboard motor from theft. Equipped with built-in GPS and GSM technologies, Sentinel Point™ monitors your boat’s location, battery life and connection – so you always know where your outboard motor is, and if it’s in proper working order.

How It Works

Sentinel Point™ uses GPS and GSM technologies to monitor your outboard motor, and communicates directly to your smartphone via an SMS text message.

Is the Sentinel Point™ Right for You?

Sentinel Point™ is ideal for ….  Traditional recreational boats utilizing outboards or I/O units for power. Sentinel Point™ will provide excellent monitoring capabilities for Airboats, Bass Boats, Bow Riders, Small Cuddy Cabins, Jetboats, Personal Water Craft (PWC), Center Consoles, Runabouts, Ski/Wakeboard Boats, House Boats, and Pontoon vessels.

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