Suitable For:

  • Center Consoles
  • Midsize Cruisers
  • Sailboats

Alarms include

  • Anchor alarm
  • Shore power alarm
  • Battery state alarm,
  • Geo Fence ‘move-out’ and ‘move-in’ mooring alarms
  • Frost alarm
  • Hi-temperature alarm
  • Bilge alarm
  • Hatch open alarm
  • Motion detection alarm

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Yacht Sentinel® – Boat Monitoring System

Your virtual crew member...

Yacht Sentinel® is the ultimate boat monitoring system, allowing you to keep a constant eye on your motor vessel or sailing yacht – whether it’s on mooring, in marina or behind your home.

How It Works

Combining the latest in low power GSM and GPS technologies and ‘geo fencing’ techniques, Yacht Sentinel® allows you to monitor the state of your boat from anywhere in the world – right from your smart phone.

Once installed, Yacht Sentinel® will monitor your boat and send alerts right to your smartphone.

All alarms include latitude, longitude, COG and SOG. 

Boat Monitoring – Day or Night, Near or Far

Yacht Sentinel® is ideal for ... Monitoring vessels between 21 and 40 feet in length including, Large Center Consoles, Convertible Fishing Boats, Cabin Cruisers. Express Cruisers, Sailboats.

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