Yacht Watchman Vessel Monitoring Systems Installations

Although the Yacht Watchman series of systems are designed to be easily installed, we do recommend you use one of our Yacht Watchman trained certified installers. This will ensure proper operation and adherence to warranty requirements.

YS-3 is a wireless radio communication system that utilizes radio signals to send alerts from various sensors back to the unit. This reduces or eliminates the need to run wires throughout the vessel. The vessel construction may determine sensor location. The unit comes pre-programmed and tested to your requirements, ready for installation. Following the basic Installation guide will have you up and running.

Yacht Sentinel® is a wired sensor system and requires running wiring from sensors back to the base unit. Connection is a simple procedure following the Installation Guide. The unit comes preprogrammed to basic specifications, with instructions for programming the system to suit your needs. The Quick Start Guide will have you up and running.

Sentinel Point™ is basically a plug and play installation. The only wiring required is a power connection. The simple to understand Installation Guide will have you protected in no time.

For further information on installations or start up on each of the Yacht Watchman products, please click on the appropriate link.