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Yacht Watchman YS-3 The new Yacht Sentinel® YS-3 is totally self contained. This state of the art unit combines a computer, radio, memory, GPS, wireless sensor and backup power supply. It’s smaller than a video cassette and extremely rugged.

Monitor your bilge pump cycles on multiple pumps, solid state high water sensor, shore power sensor, multiple battery banks and voltages, location, track, speed of vessel, Geo Fence, smoke, intrusion, temperatures, run time, as well as other items the owner may wish to add.

  • Operates on 12 or 24 Volts dc
  • Installation made easy by utilizing wireless sensor connections
  • Secure website provides direct user link with unit
  • Telecommunication link uses GSM radio for coastal use, or Satellite* radio for global range
  • Real time “problem alerts” are received by telephone, text, pager, fax or email
  • Low power requirement makes YS-3 perfect for moored vessels
Owner has access to a proprietary and secure website on which the vessel location can be seen on a map with Lat/Long values, along with the current condition and history of all monitored sensors and equipment. Using the website, the owner can adjust sensor alarm conditions to suit current needs.

Click for larger image Owner can designate himself or other individuals to be alerted if a particular sensor alarm threshold is exceeded.

Access to an internet enabled device, cell phone, pager or fax, provides owner/operator valuable knowledge of systems operating within standards as well as the vessel location. On demand reports for all the monitored system values is available and real time notification of a system problem is provided.

Yacht Sentinel® YS-3 sells for less than $3500 and monitoring is a little more than a dollar a day. Basic monitoring services provide immediate notification and data is simultaneously displayed along with current position and boat sensor history on the boat’s secure webpage. The owner has access 24/7 to the dedicated website and can access the boat’s conditions and location in real time. The monthly fee allows for unlimited historical data access and a reasonable number of discretionary real time inquiries on the boats systems and location as well as real time alarms. Pricing varies between GSM (coastal radio) and satellite* (global), as well as plans for very frequent real time transmissions to and from the vessel.

For more information contact Yacht Watchman at info@yachtwatchman.com or call at
800-805-2822 / 772-288-4664

* Satellite units available Q2, 2010.

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  • Sensors wirelessly connected to boat's systems

  • Simple, low cost installation

  • Low cost of installation

  • Additional sensors can be added at any time
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  • GSM or Satellite* connection to your phone and PC

  • View vessel's condition and location anytime

  • Radio (GSM or Satellite*) included with YS-3 System

  • Real time information and notification, regardless of location
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  • YS-3 has its own radio and GPS system

  • YS-3 has a self contained power back up

  • YS 3 works independently of vessel’s own systems
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