Find Your Systems

Find The Yacht Watchman System That Best Suits You

The Yacht Watchman systems can work on any type of vessel.  However, we feel that you can optimize your monitoring needs by choosing the type of vessel you own and matching it with our recommended system.

Yachts / Sport Fishing Vessels / Cruisers

For yachts and sport vessels/cruisers, we suggest the YS-3 or Watchdog®. These IP based systems are ideal for larger vessels with multiple wireless monitoring functions.

For CAPs, Large Center Consoles, smaller Motor Yachts, Trawlers, Power Catameran and Sailboats with multiple outboards or inboards would be the perfect match for the compact yet powerful Yacht Sentinel.

All alarms include latitude, longitude, COG and SOG.

Critical functions and systems will be monitored and communicated by the Yacht Sentinel® on your smartphone.


For sailboats we suggest the Yacht-Sentinel®.

Outboards / Center Consoles / Personal Watercraft

For outboard vessels, center console boats or PWCs, we suggest the Sentinel Point™

Features and Benefits: SentinelPoint™ communicates directly to your smart phone sending you an SMS Alarm notifing the boat owner of the following:

  • DISCONNECTION ALARM: If your outboard motor is removed.
  • BATTERY ALARM: If your boat battery discharges.
  • MOVEOUT ALARM: If your boat or outboard are moved outside GeoFence.
  • STATUS: Request status at any time for battery, GOG and SOG.
  • TRACKING: SMS or dialup command to turn on tracking

SentinelPoint™ can be controlled through SMS and dial-up menu. No need for an App, SentinelPoint can be monitored from any mobile phone. SentinelPoint’s™ internal battery will allow you to stay updated even if the boat battery dies or is disconnected.